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Setting a DHCP scope to a specific SSID (SmartZone 100)

New Contributor

We use cloud-based filtering software for our school. We are trying to create a guest account so those users don't have to download any certificates or have a Gmail account to access the internet. 

We can set up the Scope on our server, however, in order for only our guests to access it and not our staff and students we have to push it out through our guest SSID. 

Is there a way to do this with the SmartZone 100?


Valued Contributor II

It is not clear what and how you want to do.

To have specific DHCP scope for specific SSID?  It is standard thing, but how it is related to guest access? For any access user must get IP address. You  use separate VLANs for different SSIDs and get different IP scopes respectively.

If guest access is very open, you can't prevent staff and students connecting to it anyway -- if they can't connect, how any guest will be able to connect?

So what is your goal is not clear ...