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SZ - WIPS - Rogue on LAN?

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On Page 205 of the vSZ 5.2 Administrator guide it lists the available Rogue classification rules but does not get into much detail on how they work.

I'm looking for a standard Rogue on Wire detection mechanism that most enterprise vendors implement by scanning on and off channel for BSSIDs then doing a +3-3(or wider range) comparison to the MAC table present on the APs wired interface.  I'd also like to have the AP check other VLANS that are trunked up to the AP from the switch which are not necessarily used for WiFi or Management traffic.

I'm only guessing but maybe "Same Network" is the classification I'm describing - I just can't seem to find more info on this.


Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi there,

Refer below KBA for more info. 

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

Thank you Syamantak,

This is great info.  It would be beneficial to include this in the administrator guide for SZ.

Unfortunately the KBA does not offer detail on how "same network" detection works and only has the mention below.

  • Same Network:
    • Again, when this rule type is selected, you only need to provide a "classification" field to define how to handle this type of rogue

I'd like to know if the AP can detect Rogue APs on ALL VLANs provided by the switch trunk interface connected to the AP?  Some of these VLANS or are not intended for use with WiFi but we need to monitor them for rogue APs.