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SZ Cluster node rename

Contributor II
I'm planning some overdue architectural updates to our SZ124 deployment

1-Migrating our current only SZ124 from 1G to 10G
  • Requires new Managment IP
  • Would like to update the hostname (
2-Deployment of a new SZ124 with 10G uplink for failover
  • Will be added to the same cluster as current SZ
  • Will be hosted at a second location for geo-redundancy (
My concern is, without having much experience with clustering, the hostnames and a possibility of conflict.  As far as I can tell it looks like only the hostname(first word before .) is considered as part of the node name and not the full domain.

If I went with our current deployement standards, I'd end up with two sz01 hostnames.  Should I be concerned about this?  Or should I try deploying unique hostnames like sz01a.locationA and sz01b.locationB...

also wondering if there's a way to rename a cluster?  It was deployed before my time using cisco "wlc" as the convention that kinda irks me 😉

RUCKUS Team Member

Host name and Cluster name need not to be as unique. I have a setup running in lab with hostname as "Ruckus-node" and cluster name as "Cluster". You can keep it differently.
Only the control plane will follow the hostname as "Ruckus-node-C".

Follow the below steps to change the settings from your vSCG (or SCG/SZ100) CLI.

1. To change the hostname\node:

    a.  Go to Enable mode:  enable
    b.  Go to Config mode:   config
    c.  Configure new hostname:   hostname
    example "sz100-89(config)# hostname Ruckus-node"
        Warning: this will reset some system services, ok to continue (yes/no)?
    d.  Enter 'yes'

You will see the hostname updated.

2. To change the Cluster name :

    a.  Go to Enable mode:  enable
    b.  Go to Config mode:   config
    c.  Configure new Cluster name : cluster-name
example : Ruckus-node(config)# cluster-name Cluster
Warning: this will reset some system services, ok to continue (yes/no)?
    d.  Enter 'yes'

Note: We do not recommend changing the Cluster name since it is a important database information to keep the cluster online. Changing it may disconnect the cluster nodes.

If you only have one node in the cluster, then you can change the Cluster name. 

If you have 2 nodes, and if one of the node disconnects from the Cluster after changing the Cluster name, then you might have to factory reset the disconnected node to rejoin the cluster again.

Contributor II
Thank you for responding so quickly Sanjay - I think I will keep the cluster name the same but when I rename the node with a new hostname - will it take the full domain or just the first part.

For example

-will this give me an error and force me to do this below?
hostname sz01

-I wish I had a lab to test this on but I don't unfortunately.


You can only input letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), and dashes (-).

I guess, you can add the hostname "sz01" and map the complete hostname with domain on the DNS server.

I was concerned about having two sz01 showing up in the cluster so based on your feedback I think we'll name them:

We only intend to deploy a 2 controllers so I think a 1+1backup will be the default cluster function for these.