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In a VSZ cluster, which node do you apply additional AP Licenses and watchdog support?

New Contributor III
In a  VSZ cluster, which node do you apply additional AP licenses and watchdog support?
We have a 2-node cluster set up last year, with one node installed in each of our two sites.

SIte A node has 150 AP licenses, serving all 150 APs in that site.
Site B node was installed for redundancy and in preparation for our plan to move about 70 APs to VSZ this year. Site B APs are still on ZoneDirector but will be moved to VSZ soon.

We just acquired 87 additional AP licenses/watchdog support for the 70 APs (+17 new APs) in Site B. 

What's the best practice for a setup like this?  Should we apply them in Site B or is it better to apply all licenses on just one node (Node A)?  If a node is down, do the licenses it has become unavailable?

Site A and B are connected thru site-to-site VPN, primarily running over an MPLS line.  If connectivity between sites temporarily goes down, we want WiFi to remain running on either site.   

Thanks in advance!


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi FrancisA,

In a vSZ Cluster, Watchdog support has to be active on all the controller.. Licenses can be on any node as they will be in cluster, licenses will be pooled..

is there any impact if the node with the applied AP license is down or offline?