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SZ-100 Hardware redundancy

New Contributor

Hi Everyone,

I asked this question earlier but now I have some more details and need some guidance.

I have an SZ-100 (a SZ-104 to be exact).  I have not had good luck RMAing equipment recently with Ruckus, slow response, and slow shipping.  If our SZ-100 went down for some reason I simply can't wait a week plus for Ruckus to get me a new controller.

Our setup is very simple, a single cluster serving a small campus of 70 APs with 2 wireless lans.

My initial plan was to get another SZ-100 and do an active-active setup with the second controller being in another building.  I had an open case with a Ruckus Support Engineer for an unrelated issue and ran this plan by him and he said it would be easy to implement.

In the meantime, I went to source another SZ-100, and of course, they're NLA.  The vendor I was suggested an SZ-144 as that's what they had listed as replacing the SZ-100.  I OKed it, took a quick look at the specs, and noticed the SZ-144 had quite a bit more capacity but figured that couldn't hurt.  I did ask the Support Tech and he assured me that the 144 would work, I just couldn't mix SZs and vSZs.

That brings us to today, I was talking to another Ruckus Support Engineer (same unrelated issue as above but I think we resolved it this time) and mentioned my plan and he said I could NOT add my SZ-144 to my SZ-100 cluster in an active-active setup.  So now I'm sitting here with what looks like a very expensive paperweight.

I honestly wish I had pumped the brakes on the the SZ-144 as it was also a considerable price increase as well.  We were rushing to close out the budget year so things happen quickly.

What are my options?  I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment.





what business related info are you looking for?


Hey Matt,

I did ask for someone (your local Ruckus SE) to contact you. Apologies they haven't been in touch, I'll chase it up now!



I'm looking for a W9.  Pretty much I would like to take advantage of CommScope's direct license renew process.  They allow for POs but without a W9 I can't add them as a vendor.

I made all sorts of attempts to contact them over the winter and couldn't get a response.  Email, phone, smoke signal, you name it...


You can buy support renewals from Commscope through the Ruckus RenewNow program.   Hardware, software, licenses are sold by only authorized partners.  If you need to renew support, you can email the renewals team at 


Yeah, Ruckus RenewNow.

I used their customer support form at least 3 times without any response.  I'll try the email address you supplied.

I would have to say speaking to someone at Ruckus/Commscope has been very frustrating recently.  Back when I first started out with their hardware it was great, but the last two years not so much.