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Case uses of Mobility Domain ID in VSE

New Contributor

Hello, does anyone use this Mobility Domain ID when 802.11r fast roaming? I don't know well how to use this, for example if I have a venue with 3 SSID's should I create different Mobility Domain ID or can be all with the same ID?

kind regards 


Thans Pasquale, I read that, but is too vague, for example if I have 3 SSID in a venue each one should have a different ID, or can they be in the same ID?

New Contributor II

I'm also interested in the answer for that question.

We are using 802.11x for 3 different SSIDs and we get  some disconnections when roaming. I think it may be related to the device trying to connect to another SSID with the "Auto-Join" feature checked in the mobile device when roaming.

Currently, all three SSIDs have different Mobility Domain ID.