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Roaming and captive portal authentication

New Contributor II
Hi guys,

I have a network composed of some indoor APs in remote locations. All the APs are connected to a virtual SmartZone in Bridge mode.
I am using an external captive portal server and an external radius for authentication. There is no layer 3 mobility, only one VLAN (one subnet) for all the users.
I have an issue when the user roams from one AP to another: the user is no longer authenticated when he moves to the new AP and thus he is redirected to the captive portal for authentication each time he associate with a new AP.

Does someone have an idea what could possibly cause this or how I can tshoot.

Thank you

Esteemed Contributor II
Confirm that the roaming is under the Session Timeout or Grace Period configured on the WLAN.

New Contributor
Hi folks,

Did you find a resolution for this? As we're having the same issue? Does Mesh need to be enabled?