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Radius-vsz : Inverted raddacct data outputoctets inputoctets

New Contributor

We have a problem with the radius AcctInputOctets - AcctOutputOctets data, only with ruckus ap (for exemple T300).

for exmple I genereted some download traffic :

Ruckus ap :
Input         | Output
1.298.130 | 10.283.654

Other Generic brand:

Input           | Output
21.708.613 | 3.125.301

all data from the vsz we received with radius about traffic are inverted

In vsz, data of client are 10.7MB for 'Bytes from client' and 1.8MB for 'Bytes to client'

I haven't read anything about data inverted so I am curiuce if data looks good, perhaps is this normal or if i missed some configuration that could fix the problem


Esteemed Contributor II
What vSZ version and what AP model, to what RADIUS server for 802.1x or HotSpot or...?
What application is showing you this "inverted" info?  Does the client also show the same
1.8mb (in) and 10.7bm (out), opposite what you are seeing on a screen in vSZ somewhere?

New Contributor
Thank for reply,

vSZ is version 3.4.2 - ap "Zone Flex T300".
The RADIUS server is for HotSpot with slash page hosted on our server.
I get this numbers directely since RADIUS database.
This is the same client for Ruckus radius data and vsz client history stats