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RADIUS return attributes for SmartZone that match Group Attribute Value in AAA User Traffic Profile Mapping

New Contributor II

Virtual SmartZone contains User Traffic Profile Mapping which allows mapping a User Role based on a Group Attribute Value.  In ZoneDirectors, this was vender 25053, Attribute number 1, Attribute Format string, Attribute Value = ZoneDirector Group Attribute Value.  Has this changed for SmartZone?  I've tested it and have not had success assigning a Role based on this returned attribute.  Does SmartZone not support this authentication specific attribute?  What is the specific RADIUS attribute definition needed to use User Traffic Profile Mapping?


New Contributor III
We have a similar problem in that we can setup a user role based on attribute but it cannot be applied to AD when the AD is local to the APs. It will allow or disallow based on AD entry but will not take into account the AS attributes at all. Ruckus say this is not working in version 3.2 and have no estimation of when it will be resolved!!!!  Not a very good response.

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I have one problem with the attributes.

I try to restrict the access to the one especifc wlan based on the RADIUS Group Atributes, but i does have susses. The users still have access to that wlan.