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R730 not connecting to SmartZone 100

New Contributor

The Ap picks up the director IP and can ping it. SSH in to AP, get scg shows the following:

rkscli: get scg

------ SCG Information ------
SCG Service is enabled.
AP is not managed by SCG.
Server List:,
No SSH tunnel exists
Failover List: Not found
Failover Max Retry: 2
DHCP Opt43 Code: 6
Server List from DHCP (Opt43/Opt52):,fe80:0000:0000:0000:72ca:97ff:fe3c:2960,,fe80:0000:0000:0000:72ca:97ff:fe3c:2c80
SCG default URL: RuckusController
SCG config|heartbeat intervals: 30|30
SCG gwloss|serverloss timeouts: 1800|7200
Controller Cert Validation : disable

Can ping controller from AP.

What is first step to troubleshoot.


New Contributor III

it is your smartzone firmware which is causing issues.  Please read release notes.  This is what I found in release notes for SZ 100

you will need to apply a patch in order to fix this.  if it is not much trouble,  I would upgrade firmware on SZ100 but MUST CHECK SUPPORTED APS BEFORE UPGRADING.

Adding AP R730 to the Controller
It is recommended that you read the following content carefully before upgrading to this release.
Before applying this patch, upgrade to 3.6.2 Patch 1 (Build
AP 730 is natively supported in 3.6.2 Patch 1 (Build but needs a patch upgrade for 802.11ax draft 3.0. Refer
to Applying AP Patch on page 21 section for applying patch (scg-ap-
• When AP R730 is added to a zone, the non supported AP firmware version will not be available for downgrade
in that zone.
• In a scenario, where the customer does not have any R730 APs and adds few of them to the network, the APs
will be in the default Zone. Subsequently, R730 APs can be moved to a new Zone, if desired.
• In Enterprise controller version, the default Zone must be changed to reflect the AP patch version before AP
R730 is connected to the network.
• In High Scale controller version, AP R730 registers to the staging Zone and it needs to be moved to a specified
Zone with the AP patch version.
During the upgrade process, service outage will occur as the APs will restart automatically to complete the

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This was exactly this issue. Thank you for the information. Guess I should learn to RTFM...LOL.

Welcome.. That is how I learnt too 🙂  Now I set my best practice that every new AP I check release notes for my current version to make sure both are compatible.  with AX APs,  things are still evolving so you will see a lot of patches coming in for bug fixes.