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R610/R600 with related issues

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I have an R610 that has been giving us issues.  It seems like the AP just disappears for a minute or two and then comes back.  It doesn't get flagged or set an alarm.  That being said if I look at the Event log for the offending AP I see the usual traffic but then nothing will be logged for the period that the AP is "On Vacation".  This is a very active AP other wise with devices roaming in and out constantly.  The 2 to 3 minute periods where no events are logged are highly suspect.  I'm thinking this is probably hardware at this point, which gets me to my next question.

I have a spare R600 I want to swap out with the R610.  It's been on the shelf for a long time so I updated it to the latest firmware ( and pointed it at our SZ-100 (set scg ip <ip address)>) but it doesn't want to join.  I see no indication that the SZ has been in contact with the R600.  Get scg list the Server correctly and shows SCG is enabled but that's about it.

My SZ-100 is at

Any pointers would be great. 


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is the AP behind firewall ? We have seen similar problems with firewalls not whitelisting smartzone access, i.e. it is problem even when AP is behind NAT and trying to build ssh tunnel towards smartzone. After full whitelisting we have not seen similar problems with new 5.2

No firewall, the AP and the SZ are on the same netmask.  I can ping the SZ from the AP.


Yes there is a firewall but the SZ and the AP reside on the same netmask behind it.  The controller is whitelisted for outgoing traffic.

The fact that is appears and disappears for a minute or so would push me to look at a Layer 2 /Layer 1 problem.

Hopefully you are using a fully managed switch, check the logs on the switch to see if you can see any events on the port it is connected to

  • Power Issues if using POE
  • Damaged ethernet cable
  • Spanning tree issue

Zero errors on the port in question.

I don't see any STP issues either.