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R610/R600 with related issues

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I have an R610 that has been giving us issues.  It seems like the AP just disappears for a minute or two and then comes back.  It doesn't get flagged or set an alarm.  That being said if I look at the Event log for the offending AP I see the usual traffic but then nothing will be logged for the period that the AP is "On Vacation".  This is a very active AP other wise with devices roaming in and out constantly.  The 2 to 3 minute periods where no events are logged are highly suspect.  I'm thinking this is probably hardware at this point, which gets me to my next question.

I have a spare R600 I want to swap out with the R610.  It's been on the shelf for a long time so I updated it to the latest firmware ( and pointed it at our SZ-100 (set scg ip <ip address)>) but it doesn't want to join.  I see no indication that the SZ has been in contact with the R600.  Get scg list the Server correctly and shows SCG is enabled but that's about it.

My SZ-100 is at

Any pointers would be great. 


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An update.

I brought the R600 to a building run by a ZD1200 and it connected with out a hitch, it didn't even have to update.  It makes me wonder if I really had the Solo Firmware installed though I swear I did.  I have a replacement R610 coming that I will try on my SZ-100.

On the real issue I've robbed Peter to pay Paul and moved an AP from another location to see if it really is a hardware issue.  We will see.