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Question about interval of Email notification for specific alarms on SZ100.

Valued Contributor

Our customer is having a question about interval of Email notification for specific alarms on SZ100.a question.

They configured Email notification setting to recognize disconnection of aps.

However, they are receiving e-mail alerts sequentially every three minutes when multiple APs are disconnected.

For example, if for any reason 5 APs are disconnected at the same time, they receive an e-mail alert every 3 minute. It will take 15 minutes to receive all 5 alarms.(exactly 12 mins since first alarm.)

The customer wants to receive each email alarm immediately when aps are disconnected.

I can't find option to modify interval or sending immediatly on SZ100.

Is there a way?

Valued Contributor II does not work that way... before controller declares AP as disconnected and shoots an email notification. it has to detect that certain no of hearbeat message are missed and then it declares that as disconnected...