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Operating System Rule

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We are working in a PoC with a customer (currently Aerohive user) using Virtual Smart Zone and Radius (Windows NPS). They want to profile user based on Radius Attribute and device Operating System with only one SSID. For example, same user/credentials setup in a different VLAN depending device what user is connecting. Do you know if is possible? I searched everywhere but only found the possibility of applying policies based on operating systems on a WLAN and not on a group of users. Currently they are using this function with their current infrastructure. Thank you

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Hi Dario,
I have done this myself on Aerohive but never tried on Ruckus gear. Have you tried the following on Ruckus? It is under the authentication tab where you define radius servers.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c45c135b77e247a43e91_d6b625e4094dbd6851d14a19a49f0965_RackMultipart201912131169142g8-d293e425-ea94-4868-a65f-c9f5839586d6-419684112.PNG1576216788

Hi Farzan, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the User profile does not allow to be associated with an OS policy. The only place that is allowed to associate an OS policy is in a WLAN, which does this 1: 1.

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Hi Dario,

You may need to consider Cloudpath Enrollment and onboarding software for this:

Best regards,

This would be the path I would take to achieve this.