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Moving APs from (very) old vSZ (3.4.x) to new vSZ 6.1.x

New Contributor II

Hi All

In a situation where there are a bunch of R710 APs in a very old vZS on version 3.4.x.  There's a new v6.1.x vSZ that they can be moved to.

Question - given that the firmware on the APs is so old, can they be moved as is to the 6.1.x?  I believe they'd be disabled in the new, but can the new vZS upgrade the firmware on them, to the latest supported and thus allowing them to be enabled? OR, would we need to manually update the firmware on each before moving them over?

Not 100% sure I'm making sense....

Cheers, James


Valued Contributor

Hi James,

You don't need to worry about large jumps in code on APs, they aren't like controllers where you need to upgrade carefully to preserve configurations.

R710s are fully supported by SmartZone 6.1, so you can simply move them over, with zero-stress. 

If you have only a few you could do it manually by configuring a new IP address in the CLI using 'set scg IP...' or if you have multiple then you can use the 'Crossbreeder' tool to perform a bulk update:

I hope that helps!

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @james_mcmillan_ 

R710 APs are supported in 6.1.0.x. however, upgrade from SmartZone (SZ) R5., R5., R5., R5., R6. to R6. is only supported. Upgrade from 3.x to 6.1.x is not supported.

SZ can be upgraded from 3.4.x to 3.6.2.x provided AP is supported in both versions & to wait for 6.1.1.x version which support 3.6.2.x, ETA is mid October. 

Hope this answers your query.



Vasanth Edward