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Migrating Legacy APs to VSz 6.1.2

New Contributor

Hello everybody!

We are having difficulty migrating a few hundred legacy APs from our ZD 5000 to our VSz. We have zones with firmware 3.6.2 already configured and with some APs. However, the migration via ZD migration of these legacy APs (r700 and zf7372) is not being successful.

Is this really an incompatibility between VSz and these APs?

Is there no patch that resolves this issue?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @AurelioArruda , What is the firmware version on your ZD5000 and which of the following three methods are you using to migrate the APs :-

1. SmartZone’s ZD Migration tool (Inbuilt in SZ)
2. ZD’s Join another controller option (Inbuilt in ZD)
3. Manual AP migration (Optionally with external 3rd party tools)


Md. Dilshad Zafar | Sr TSE | RCWA | RASZA | RACPA | RUCKUS Networks