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Max Vlan number on a single SSID using group dpsk(bound to vlan per dspk) per each room?

New Contributor III

We are planing to network design for over 100 shared offices.

Devices are SZ144 and R650(mostly).

There are over 100 rooms on one floor and we are going to assign group-dpsk per each room in a single SSID. And You are also planning to assign vlan per each room to the corresponding dpsk.(ex. group dpsk for 1001 Room : 12345678, vlan id : 1001   //   group dpsk for 1102 Room : 23456789, vlan id : 1102)

At this point we want to know if more than 100 VLANs are available on a single SSID.

If anyone knows how many vlans are supported in a single SSID, please let me know.