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Issue with AP DHCP Server on VsZ

New Contributor


We've got an hosted VsZ server with APs on client site. For guest SSID (going on WisPr external server), we use DHCP server function of APs with a VLAN corresponding to avoid creating a vlan and specific on the local network switches and internet router. 

So everything is ok with assign dhcp address to clients but firewall detects the network subnet behind DHCP of AP and drop packets because it detects ip spoofing.

Exemple here : 

Local LAN subnet client is 192.168.1.X/24 where AP has AP DHCP server created with pool 10.10.10.X/24, wifi client gets but then can't communicate with captive portal and download portal https page.

I got this address wich appears in firewall and is denied. But I must not see this subnet if AP would NAT correctly ?

I made a packet capture on AP LAN Port and we see indeed trying to talk with Guest Server.

Image_ images_messages_5fd399d6c7b3b92d0a9bf976_0130e7820dd1d4a55a06028390fab01a_Capturewire-5ab1c99d-bc08-4d2c-9848-4c1ece1ff346-130664446.JPG
VsZ version :
AP version :
Thank for help