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I would like to know detailed information about "DHCP/NAT on the AP feature" with respect to the SZ/vSZ/ZD.

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What is the difference between "Enable on each AP / Enable on Multiple Ap / Enable on Hierarichical"?
Like, in each mode, how the AP will function?

How Ap will distriute the ip-address?

If any Ap fails, what will happen to the connected clients?

How the ip-address sync between the Aps, to maintain the unique ip-address assigment?


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Hi @saurabh_bhatnagar,

We do have explanation on DHCP modes in SZ GUI itself which is straight forward. I have mentioned the screenshots down below. Let us know if you are looking for any more explanation.

If any AP fails, what will happen to the connected clients?

Ans: Connected client would continue to work until the DHCP lease period. If there are any other APs acting as DHCP server they would take care of the IP assignment.

How the ip-address sync between the Aps, to maintain the unique ip-address assigment?

Ans: In SZ Environment APs talk to each other and share the IP pool and MAC address Mapping with neighbor and adjacent APs. 

Image_ images_messages_61e149a4f2fc3909db9c50ef_669dbe1e6f2a359c7854fcd5d936d5c0_EnableOnEachAPs-26d50fa0-9968-4eec-8ecc-9fe2a89a040b-160294404.png
Image_ images_messages_61e149a4f2fc3909db9c50ef_d9e6765e2ec47c5fe3151c9e23c9d0a6_EnableOnHierarchicalAPs-20fcb047-a754-43e1-b735-dfafd8e505a3-611609228.png
Image_ images_messages_61e149a4f2fc3909db9c50ef_d371d0464793bb17f6c8738c43bf487c_EnableOnMultipleAPs-e23157e6-b057-42d2-b00a-19897b835ba1-913303565.png

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Hi Parikshith,

Thank you for the details. I have few more queries, for which I might need some clatification,

> If we selct "enable on each AP", so every single AP will act as an primary server for every client connecting to it, correct? If yes, do they hold any info of subsequent Aps? Like an secondary server?

> Or, is it something that primary DHCP server (AP1) and secondary DHCP server (AP2), only applicable in "Multiple AP mode" ?

> I would also like to know, in what all situation we can expect the below logs, apart from: 'Ap down / Ap lost connection to controller'.
2022-01-11 16:01 341 Both primary and secondary DHCP server APs are down Critical AP DHCP service failure. Both primary DHCP AP1 and secondary DHCP server AP2 are down

***If we have any document or link, which explain in detail working/concept/scenario for DHCP/NAT, would be greate***

Thank you,