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I want to put an AP in my house and I want him to register on the vZD at my Office.

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I want to put an AP in my house and I want him to register on the vZD at my Office.

 I have read on the” vSZ Getting Started Guide for SmartZone 3.2.1 “ :

" The Ruckus Wireless SmartLicense registration server is a cloud-based, HTTPS enabled

web server that allows an access point to query information about its parent

controller by sending its serial number and base MAC address.

After you ensure that the controller’s licenses have been activated on the SmartLicense

server, you only need to connect the AP to the network, ensure that it has

Internet connectivity, and then reboot the AP. Upon reboot, the AP will automatically

attempt to discover its parent controller by sending the following HTTPS query to (the SmartLicense server URL):

 The AP R310 that I have in my house do not tries to query to ? verified through Syslog.

Can any one help?

Thank you


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   What version code is running on the R310?  If you SSH to the AP, can you issue a command to help point it to your office vSZ?

rkscli:   set director ip a.b.c.d     (where a.b.c.d is your office controller IP)

   If it doesn't take that command, try "set scg ip a.b.c.d" instead, depending on what code is on your R310 now...

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That will only work if he has a vpn connection set up. It looks like he's trying to have it tunnel home by itself - does Ruckus do that ?