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Hyper-V Disk size

New Contributor II
I am running a vSZ on Hyper-V and i am not sure if i am missing a step. I am going to need the system to run at 200GB of storage, but when i expand the size of the disk the OS corrupts. How do i get arround this when the VHD provided is only 40GB?

Contributor III
Are you expanding the disk before the first install? I believe the system will resize the partition at initial boot time. 

You might want to connect to the vga console as well to check the progress. But it's weird the disk is getting corrupted. At worse I would expect that the extra space is left un-used.

I have tried resizing before and after. Aswell as converting to an expandable disk. Nothing works. I really do not want to have to go vmware as the host I have isnt exactly supported and I'm more comfortable in hyper v