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AP keeps rebooting after migrating from ZD3000 to SZ100

New Contributor II
Hi Everyone,

I'm currently having trouble in migrating my APs from ZD3000( to SZ(
As I migrate an AP from ZD to SZ, after the AP gets migrated on the SZ the AP keeps rebooting itself. As I check on its syslog log the AP can't establish the SSH tunnel with the SZ controller.
AP firmware was and scg ip is .
Is anyone here encountered same scenario and resolved it? Hopefully you could share your ideas so that I could proceed on my migration.



RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Justine,

Please try factory defaulting the Access Points.  It is best to do this from AP SSH/CLI using command: set factory then reboot. This is required when moving AP's from ZD control to SZ control to clear ZD based configuration from the Access Point.

If you are still having issues please save the AP support Info file (if it is not connecting to the controller then access AP via SSH/CLI, turn on logging and run the following 2 commands: support (to generate the support file) then support show (to scroll file into log) and open a support case.


New Contributor
If the AP keeps rebooting after migrating from ZD3000 to SZ100 then follow the troubleshoot techniques given at