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How to keep the serial number not change when reinstall vsz

New Contributor II
Hi there,

Is there any ways to keep the serial number not change when I reinstall the vsz on ESXI.

New Contributor III
Hello Adam,

There is no option to retain the existing serial number in vSZ.

Was there a specific reason behind retaining the existing serial number? Licensing can be very easily transferred from an old vSZ to a newly built one by logging a case in the Ruckus Support portal:


2. Select case type 'vSCG/vSPOT RMA'.

3. Enter the old/new serial numbers and presuming the vSZ can reach the internet, it will re-sync licensing.



i already have a running VSZ which had X sn on it. I added temporary AP lic bcos my order processing for AP lic got delayed. this resulted in change of Vsz SN from X to Y now i am not to able to upgrade my VSZ and support dept of yours is asking to show me proof of support purchase for SN Y. i only have active support contract of X and i only have 1 Vsz. case no 01164661. VSZ was never reinstalled or upgraded in the past.
what to do here?