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How to connect or how to synchronize APs to vSZ 3.0.4 or vSZ 3.1.1

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Hi, sorry for my poor english level but i have many problem with my configuration. I need your help for my configuration. I use vSZ 3.1.1 and i have zoneflex 7982 and zoneflex 7372. My vSZ is intalled in ESXi5.5, i have configured DHCP option 43 in another Virtual Machine.
My windows Server 2008 with DHCP Option 43 found and address my APs but my vSZ 3.1.1 can find APs.
One time, vSZ has found AP and the AP has upgraged his firmware to 3.1.1 but after that nothing. He always display "disconnect" and i could not manage it.
Now i have tried almost everything, nothing works!!!

PS: In Ruckus Support, i have a simple profil, also i can't able to access to Knowledge base Articles.

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may i know what is the DIR LED status indicates? Is it blinking or off?

Can you login into AP via ssh and run the CLI command. Use putty software for the same..

set scg ip

example: set scg ip

You may have to reboot the AP.

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Monnat is correct.  I believe that what you are having is a simple problem, but a common one.  During the upgrade, you likely went from a ZD firmware of 9.x to a SmartZone firmware of 3.x.  When your AP rebooted, it likely lost the configuration of your controller.  Your DHCP server is likely set with subcode 3 which allows the AP to obtain DHCP Option 43 and join the controller.  You can do two things here.  In your DHCP server, change your subcode option from 03 to 06 and reboot the AP so that it get the updated dhcp lease, this time pointing him to the vSZ.

Option two is for you to ssh to the AP and issue the aforementioned command:  set scg ip x.x.x.x where x is replace with the IP of your vSZ.

That should fix your problem.  Let us know if this gets your APs online..

Good Luck..

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Thank you Dionis and Monnat system for your help, i have do it and it work now

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Now i have another problem, i want my "DHCP Router adress my AP in the left of my picture. I have configured MPLS VPN level 3 between the router PE1, PE2, PE3 and PE4. I try to configure on PE4 "ip helper-address x.x.x.x" with x.x.x.x the adress of my router "DHCP Router" but without succes. Can you help me please??
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