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Hotspot (WISPr) guests having to re-auth constantly on VSZ - E

New Contributor
Using Hotspot (WISPr) service on VSZ-E v at hotel.

Daily guests are redirected to external captive portal, which captures name+email and successfully logs in device as local db user (same account for all) through northbound interface.

Problem is that devices that go offsite briefly or overnight and return are forced again to re-auth.

Both Hotspot Session Timeout & Grace Period set to max. WLAN Inactivity Timeout set to max.
Any help appreciated.

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Trevor,
   Check your HotSpot WLAN settings... you should have between 2 - 14400 minutes for Session Timeout, and from 1 - 14399 minutes for Grace Period.  The first is how long they can be on the SSID, and the Grace Period should be how long they can be away from the Hotel/Wi-Fi without needing to login again.  That's about 240 minutes, or 10 days, if you max out the Grace Period value.