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High PHY Errors and Noise floor on AP

New Contributor III
We just upgraded our vSZ-H from 3.4 to 3.5,After upgrade what we can see is that the APs show heavy PHY errors(milliions) and High noise floor and there is impact on customer too.If we degrade the AP firmware to 3.4.2 then everything looks good.Is there any issues with AP firmware

Esteemed Contributor II
Interesting input, no known issues between versions.  Can you contact Tech Support with your
AP model(s) and AP support logs if you saved them?  Same seen on all APs in all locations or
only certain models/locations, etc will need to be scrutinized in deeper detail.  It would be odd
to see different PHY errors if only AP fw updated.  

New Contributor III
Just some suggestion from me. If you have not any issue, dont upgrade the firmware.