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Help with multiple Guest Portal prompts

New Contributor

I inherited a Ruckus system with about 40APs and a vSZe-1 on 3.5.0

I am having an issue with our guest portal asking to accept multiple times as I move around our property. Each time the portal is from a different IP. How do I make it so we only need to accept the agreement once and have it recognized across our guest network?

We have a guest vlan on a /22 subnet

Esteemed Contributor II
Being asked to re-authenticate as you move around...  each time the portal is from a different IP... 
This sounds like you have multiple zones, using different DNS, and are not retaining your original IP as you travel. 
I'm not 100% sure, but a VLAN pool might be useful in this case, so you keep your original IP.

New Contributor
That does seem how its acting but that's not what im seeing. I have one default zone with several wlans in it. Each wlan is only associated with one vlan. Also the authentication is coming from different IPs but they are IPs from the same subnet. It will be one time and then other.

But I think you got me on the right track. It looks like our vSZe isnt doing the DHCP or DNS. So that's probably where my issue is. Looks like im going to have to find the owners manual and give it a solid read.

Thanks for the help