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Free Public WiFi

New Contributor
What should you set your bandwidth limits and session time outs for customers using free wifi with a high volume of passenger/customer turn over?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Evan,

You need to analyze expected loads on the number of APs in the range of coverage, and be sure you have
enough APs to service your expected number of simultaneous clients.

You can adjust maximum clients per WLAN (defaults are 100), per AP radio, and ought to set the per-client BW low (1-3mb),
with reduced from default 30 minute session timeout, to perhaps 5 minutes, if you expect frequent roaming. 

You will need enough DHCP to handle more clients that you have connected at any time, and you need a
big enough backhaul WAN link to service the amount of AP client traffic to the Internet.

These are some things to consider, per your environment (so varies with many factors).