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H510/Smart Zone100 wlan issue

New Contributor

Hello I have an issue where half my network went dark. After looking into the matter it appears the wlan service broadcast 2.4 and 5 ghz check have been removed from from my h510 access points. They are being managed by a smartzone100. Everyone I try to re-enable them it acts like it’s saving the change but then when I look to check the device don’t take the config. I have tried factory resetting the aps and get the same result. All of the devices having the issue are showing online and are pingable at the up address which the sz has them listed as. When I try to log into the local gue to try to config the aps is says the wireless is disabled but it won’t let me make any changes assuming because it’s being managed by the sz. If anyone has any ideas or has experienced this before please help!