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Guest Access Redirect problem

New Contributor


I need your help please in my case

I need to make guests redirected directly to the hotel web page once they connected to the guest WLAN.

If I created Guest WLAN with the option bypass CNA enabled, guests have to open any website first to access the internet then redirect happen.

But if I disabled CNA bypass, Guests can access the internet but no redirect happen.

I remember that when I was at FourSeasons hotel, once I connected to guest network my android phone redirected automatically to the hotel web page without any action from my side "They have Ruckus solution"

I need to apply same scenario, Could anyone can help.





Hi @ahmedsaad 

To get the auto pop up work the client needs to generate the HTTP traffic, get the DNS resolved and initiate the TCP 3 way hand shake, then the redirection occur (a default Web traffic (HTTP Get) request from client is crucial to Ruckus device to provide the splash page ) hence we would need to run packet capture on AP or SZ as per your current device version to get these validated. Additionally make sure no pop-up blocker policy on the network as this could too cause problem. You can reach out to us on and get a case opened for a Rucku TAC engineer to assist this over a quick WebEx and get the issue resolved at hand.

Best Regards


It is working normally on windows laptop, but when testing using android OS we have to initiate http traffic to force pop up window "in case of toggling ON CNA bypass option".

But in case "toggle OFF CNA bypass option", Pop up happened but redirect to configured URL doesn't occur 

Hi @ahmedsaad 

The bypass CNA option is for iOS/OS X devices. What is the vSZ and AP version you are running, we would need to collect packet capture further to identify the issue and hence You can reach out to us on and get a case opened for a Ruckus TAC engineer to assist ?


Best Regards