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GRE Tunneling

New Contributor III
I am trying to tunnel all AP data traffic thorugh vSZ-H and have configured the Ruckus GRE too.But when I choose the "Tunnel WLAN traffic through Ruckus GRE" option in WLAN setting ,AP doesnot broadcast any SSID.Am I missing anything here?
Thank you in advance.

New Contributor III
Hi Raju,

What you are missing is the dataplane. The vSZ-H simply does not have any. What you need is the vSZ-D, where the -D stands for Dataplane:-)
After deploying of the VM, just point the vSZ-D Management Interface to the vSZ-H control plane and approve it in vSZ-H's GUI >> done.


New Contributor III
Thank you very much,Now I have another question here,
Do I have to re-deploy vSZ-H in VM to be able to do this Or can I do it simply from vSZ-H administration tab in GUI as I see there an option to upgrade to vSZ-D?

New Contributor III
No, you must deploy an extra VM called vSZ-D you should be able to download here
This virtual Dataplane is a separate maschine which is controlled by the vSZ-H.

New Contributor II
same problem here but I do have a vSZ-D. any solns for this that the tunneled SSID is not being broadcast