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Flagged AP status clearing

New Contributor II

1. Hello, currently we are using VSZ-H 3.6.2 and we would like to deep dive onto access points that have flagged status in VSZ GUI. however, we can only get the status through hovering the pointer over the flagged and it will show the status. with this, is there another way to extract the reasons for AP flagged status via CSV? currently we have 1000+ access points that are flagged during the day and we cannot get the data one by one via GUI.

2. What are the steps we should take when an AP has a flagged status? root cause and the resolution for the following:

a. connection failure

b. latency

c. airtime utilization



Hi Froilan,

First of all AP flags are not always indicating a problem but the current stats of AP radios, like:



Connection failure

There could be many reasons for specific flag and there may not be a fix solution for any specific flag status. You may also have to tune your AP flag sensitivity and threshold value to get tuned flags.

Please refer the below article to know more about Flags.

For more detailed insights, you can also use Ruckus Analytics. Contact your RUCKUS partner or RUCKUS sales team for a trial license.

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