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(Fast) Roaming not working - Failed in FT Roam Feature

New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I have multiple SSID and for no obvious reasons, clients are having problems with the roaming.

When reach another AP, the client cannot get an IP address from DHCP. It can take from 10 seconds up to 3 minutes for re connection. Usually, it helps if client disable/enable WIFI on its device, but this is not a solution. Also it works to join another available SSID and then rejoin the previous one.

Have tried changing numerous settings in WLAN configuration, reverting to original, to default... but nothing really helps.

Problem is that after months of troubleshooting can not find a simple pattern on which basis this strange disconnections are occurring.

Troubleshooting of client always show same error: "Failed to FT roam feature". Cannot find anything about this error online. See the photo here:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="ruckus-error" border="0"></a>

As I said, nothing was changed in the network or in the vSZ settings. Another important thing, this is happening on iOS devices with iOS version 13 and above.

vSZ is running with latest software and has been regularly updated.

Does anyone has any suggestion or experience with such an error?


RUCKUS Team Member


I've seen this question but It is from several months ago, so I don't know if the issue has already been resolved. If not, please share the vSZ version. Is Roaming failing for any WLAN type? 




New Contributor


have you been able to resolve this issue ?