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Error on Article #000006316 vSZ on AWS

New Contributor
I just went through this exercise and it took me a while to find the mistake. There is an error on the .docx attached for the above mentioned article.
Specifically, steps 7. On this step a reference to creating a JSON file called role-policy.json where the unix/linux command to create it calls it role-policy-json and the awscli command to apply it is also looking for role-policy.json, you will get an error. 

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Hi Dean,

If you are still having trouble setting up the AWS following the instruction in the KBA as well as How-to-Hub video link, we suggest you to open a support case with us and we will help you out with the setup.


New Contributor
When I create vSCG in AWS, I have a problem, the error message is "StatusMessage": "ClientError: Unsupported configuration. NVMe and ENA drivers are required to import."

How to fix it? Is need to import ena support to jason file?