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Emailing vSZ guest passes fails

New Contributor II

We've moved from an on-prem Exchange server to O365, I've changed the System >> General Settings >> SMTP Server to the appropriate O365 SMTP server host as per option 2 of;

Alerts are being sent after the changes e.g. AP's down etc. but emailing of guest passes fails. The only error I can find is in Events & Alarms >> Events:
Code | Type | Severity | Activity
982 | Email sent failed  | Warning | [IDM] sent email to [] failed.
The guest passes are only sent to internal organization users.
We are on Controller version:
What am I missing? Is there another place to setup SMTP server? 


New Contributor III

In Exchange you have a setting to allow a connector to send emails to internal or external addresses.

Thanks, but the issue we have is that alert emails are working via the new O365 server but sending of guest passes is not -even to those users that receive alerts e.g. this comes through via O365 without issue:

From: Ruckus vSZ <>
Sent: Tuesday, 15 December 2020 2:19 AM
To: Steve Bluck <>
Subject: vSZ-H:Major:AP disconnected event triggered.


The event detail information is as follow:

Node IP in Cluster[CLUSTER1]


AP State Change

Event Type

AP disconnected



Date and Time

Tue Dec 15 02:19:04 NZDT 2020


AP [Remote-31@4C:B1:CD:1D:C2:F0] disconnected.

This email was generated automatically by Ruckus Wireless, please do not reply.

New Contributor II

Emailing of guest passes now working after a scheduled update to

My guess is just needed a reboot but under our change system this would have taken longer time to organise than the already approved upgrade 🙂

Be nice to know what service to restart to force the SMTP update -anyone from Ruckus want to chime in?