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Does vlan pooling work with a SZ down?

New Contributor III
Hi guys, 
I'm wondering if a SmartZone goes offline the VLAN pooling "feature" configured within the SSID still works.
I know that an AP still operates even with the SZ down, and such things like AAA servers may o may not work depending if proxy or non-proxy was configured, but, how about VLAN pooling?

I don't know if the data for VLAN-Device is stored in the controller's RAM or the AP's RAM.

Do you guys know about this?

Best regards,

New Contributor III
Hi Javier,

Vlan pooling decision is made at AP side. To answer your question, Vlan pooling will still work if SZ is down. 


New Contributor III
Hi Ravi,
Awesome news, good to know. 
Thank you for your reply.


New Contributor III
Also another question about this.

Usually a device while roaming still gets the same VLAN it got during initial connection. Let's say for example, I first connect to an AP and get VLAN 10 from VLAN pooling, so while moving around the coverage area my device roams through several APs and always get VLAN 10. If a second device connects and gets VLAN 20, while roaming still gets VLAN 20. 

If a SZ goes down, and VLAN pooling still works because it's made at AP side, what happened to the VLAN when roams to a different AP? How the other AP knows that I first got VLAN 10?  In this case will I receive different VLAN every time I roam?