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Deploying vSZ 5.1 on GCE - how about people setting up their IP, gateway and netmask for public IPs?

New Contributor
I'm trying to deploy vSZ (virtual SmartZone) to GCE (Google Compute Engine).

I was able to upload the image file, and create a GCE instance based on it. I can start the instance, and connect to the web interface via the public IP.

However, then I get to this screen:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f2135b77e2478f5b36_0020df6a11b9ca492a16f60bb7c78771_RackMultipart20190428949791ot0-27d25410-206e-4439-95f7-93bf41b36b62-882621147.png1556443841
It's asking for IP address, netmask and gateway.

I can't put the GCE public IP static address, since there's no gateway there, is there?

I tried putting the GCE private internal IP address for that instance, but then afterwards, I can't seem to access the SmartZone web interface by the public IP address anymore (which I assume is related to this).

How are people setting up networking for the vSZ instances in GCE?

Contributor III
Indeed asign the Google private ip or just leave it with DHCP. Then assign a floating IP to it from the gce console or just look what external/floating IP google gave you. And just use that IP in your browser to continue the process. Did you open the necessary ports in the gce firewall? There is a setting to define the nat (outside) up where you tell vsz what it's public IP is so that it can properly configure the APs. But it should not prevent you from accessing the gui.

But make sure you keep the internal IP with DHCP or the exact same IP google assigned to it. You can just chose any private / internal IP on these type of clouds.

New Contributor
Hmm, I don't think that is working for me.

During the initial vSZ configuration wizard, I did indeed assign the private GCE IP address, and gateway.

At first - the machine would shutdown shortly after starting up - it turns out this was because it expects at least 13GB of RAM, and 2 CPU cores:

Image_ images_messages_5f91c447135b77e2479fe39b_112fea41c0e8b25743f4262b0e6b7025_RackMultipart2019042985298dnsm-aaf87fa4-e4d6-40e5-b425-fabad0dc898f-1373744768.png1556536429

I increase the memory, and started up again - I can no longer access the web UI from the public IP address (yet I could before doing the setup wizard).

Any ideas what's going on?

Is it somehow listening on the private internal IP address, and not the public static IP address?

Contributor III
The server has no idea about the external IP for the time being. GCE does the translation for you. Keep in mind that the gui is running on port 8443. Are you connecting to that port and did you open it in the gce firewall? You could try spinning up a regular VM and trying to use curl to see if the gui is up on port 8443.

Since you have ssh access via the Google console can you try to see if all services are up?