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Disabling "SmartCast" on the vSZ

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We have to disable “SmartCast” in any site that uses Savant or Control4 home automation systems.  To do this via the ZD CLI we do the following:

enable [ENTER]

config [ENTER]

wlan [ENTER]

no qos directed-multicast [ENTER]

qos directed-threshold 0 [ENTER]


Is it possible to do this on the vSZ?  If so, how?  I’m afraid if we can’t do this then we can’t sell the product to those clients.  Thanks!


Esteemed Contributor II
KBA-4138: Disable Directed Multicast in SZ controlled AP, will be visible on Support shortly.

Here is the Workaround details.

The Zone Director provides persistent CLI commands that will enable or disable these features whenever an Access Point is provisioned.

On the SCG/vSCG these features are only configurable on the Access Points directly.  This can be done by accessing each access point
via SSH to run the individual commands, use the remote ap-cli SCG CLI command to run each command on each AP individually from the
SCG SSH session or using an AP CLI script that can run AP CLI set commands on All Access Points connected to a Zone.  

Note - disconnected or newly connected Access Points will not automatically have these options set and will need to be configured when connected.

Directed Multicast is enabled or disabled per WLAN so first you need to determine which wlan interface to run the command.  

You cannot use AP script for get commands so I would test directly on an AP at first via SSH using the CLI commands or
remote ap-cli from the SCG CLI,  then create the AP script to do it to all AP’s in a Zone.    

Run get wlanlist to verify the wlanx interface name required to be changed.
Directed Multicast (for IGMP subscription based unicast conversion) is a qos command:
                 set qos directed multicast {enable|disable}
                 -- Sets the state of egress packet processing for the specified interface
Directed Broadcast is unicast conversion for all broadcast and well known multicast addresses:
set directed-thr : set directed-thr
                 -- Set the upper limit on Directed Broadcast processing (0 == disable)
The settings can be verified by downloading the support info file or using get qos commands per interface:
rkscli: get qos wlan0
Ruckus Wireless SmartMedia QOS 

A suggested script looks like this
#define AP FW version
fw_version= è this version MUST match with your AP firmware version
#define Model class
# Sets octet count for Heuristic-based classification
set qos wlan0 directed multicast disable  è these can be any available AP CLI  set commands
set directed-thr 0 

To load the script:
  •   Administration è AP CLI Scripts
  •   Select the AP Zone that you want to apply the script. Note: if you have vSCG-e, then the script will apply to ALL registered AP
  •   Upload the attached AP CLI Scripts
  •   Click the Execute tab, then click the Refresh tab