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Disable Wi-Fi6 at WLAN level

New Contributor

Hi Guys, 

Just wondering if I can get some help with this Wi-Fi6 "Enable" feature. 

Do I need to tick on the box or untick on the box to make sure there is no issue with Wi-Fi5 clients connecting to Wi-Fi6 AP? I feel that the language bit unclear, at least for me 😞

Do I untick or tick to disable Wi-Fi6 at together at the WLAN level? This is regardless of vSZ and Unleashed controller. 

" Use this feature to allow some legacy Wi-Fi5 clients with out of date drivers to inter-operate with a Wi-Fi6 AP. Use this feature if you cannot ensure that all client drivers on the network are up to date and free of bugs. Wi-Fi6 clients connecting to this WLAN on a Wi-Fi6 AP will not be able to use Wi-Fi6 features such as OFDMA and TWT"



Hi @bobby_khaira 

You can disable/enable 802.11ax on per AP radio band basis and not WLAN. Below article for better understanding and steps to disable 11ax.

Best Regards


Valued Contributor

Hi @bobby_khaira ,

Just to add to Vineet's comments:

Wi-Fi 6 is designed to be fully backward-compatible with all previous Wi-Fi standards, all the way back to 802.11b and there shouldn't be any problems installing a mixed environment both on the infrastructure side and the clients.

However in the early days of Wi-Fi 6 deployments; we identified some clients had issues when connecting to a Wi-Fi 6 enabled network, usually down to legacy drivers.

The 'disable Wi-Fi 6' option was implemented largely for the legacy devices to be able to connect to the network to update their Wi-Fi drivers before allowing Wi-Fi 6 to be re-enabled to enjoy all the performance benefits it brings to the client experience.

I hope that helps clarify.


New Contributor

Thanks you Vineet, Darrel for your response and feedback. Much apricated. It is clear to me now when to enable / disable Wi-Fi6 option under WLAN.