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Disable 802.11 a and and 802.11 g

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Hi, is there a way we can disable 802.11g and 802.11a on our broadcast and only use 802.11n and 802.11ac standard? we are currently using VSZ-H 3.6.2. The plan is not let legacy devices connect to our network and only allow n and ac devices


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Hi Froilan,

It appears the n-only, ac-only and now n/ac/ax-only mode is configurable on the ZoneDirector and Unleashed platforms.

SmartZone has an OFDM-only option, which excludes 802.11b clients.

Further information here:

Hope that helps,



Hi Froilan,

You can disable 802.11b by enabling OFDM but not others though you can try setting a mode type and see if that helps you with your requirement. You can use below command on AP and if that serves the purpose create  AP CLI script and push to all connected AP's.

rkscli: set mode
Commands starting with 'set mode' :
set mode   : set mode <wifi name> <radio mode>
                Valid modes :11ahe , 11ac ,11na ,11ng, 11ghe

Best Regards


@vineet_nejawala hi, is there a mode for 11n and 11ac only?

not including 11a, 11b, 11g

also to add, we are currently managing 5k+ APs using VSZ-H. we are looking if we can implement this change on a large scale and not on a per AP basis