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DHCP Best practice recommendation

New Contributor III

We are working on some deployments where there will be multiple non-connected gateways within a venue space and WiFi users will be roaming between them.  We use a vSZ for the controller. 

The easy, but probably not the best way to deploy this is to run DHCP on each of the gateways on different subnets, but that might pose a roaming wireless user going between WAPs on different gateways.

Another idea we had is to use a centralized DHCP server so the WiFi client can easily retain their IP as they flow through each gateway, but I expect that we will need to use an identical LAN gateway IP on each gateway which would be ok in some instances, but we also VPN traffic from each gateway to our Datacenter (where the DHCP server will also be).

Does the vSZ have any good way of forcing a WiFi client to quickly re-DHCP as they flow through different WAPs that are on different networks?  Any other options I should be looking at?