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Creating HA for Virtual SmartZone-H


I am back 🙂 
I have just deployed two vSZ version 5.1.1.* on two Proxmox servers. And now wanted to make an High Availability between them. 

However, I could not find any document, also article about this one. Does anybody already do it? could you give me any advices? 

Thank you so much!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi there,

If you have completed the setup wizard on both the controllers, then there is no option to setup HA/cluster now between them.

You will receive an option to set up the HA/Cluster in the setup wizard only.

- Anusha

Luckily, i still don't complete the setup wizard. I just started vSZ running. 

So, the HA option can be configured on step configuring vSZ-E/ H? You can give me more details about this. 

Thank you @Anusha !

Please follow the below article for cluster configuration details.

- Make sure that both the controllers are either vSZ-E or vSZ-H. You cannot form a cluster between vSZ-E and vSZ-H.

- Both the controllers should be on the same software version.

We will be releasing a video soon on this topic. Please monitor our 'How-To-Hub' page for more videos or articles.

Greatttttttt! I am appreciated for your help 🙂 
also follow your how-to-hub