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Client Troubleshooting Interface

New Contributor II

I am trying to do some troubleshooting on client connections following the steps. Navigate to the troubleshooting page, enter the client mac address, select the currently connected option, select the AP's location of the client, and hit start. Nothing is ever shown below the connection box with the timeline. Now connection attempt nothing the client is online I'm right beside them watching their computer. Why am I getting nothing shown?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi usd402_wireless,

Please let us know the below,

>> Are you faicng any issues with the client connecting to network?
>> Controller model:
>> Controller version:
>> AP version:

Also please try the below and let us know, if you are able to see any client related connection.
>Once the client is connected to the network.
>Open controller WEBGUI-> Wireless clients-> enter the client MAC.
>and then click the client-> choose option more->troubleshooting and then click start.
>after clicking start, try disconnecting the SSID and re-connect again.
>You can see the open authentication and DHCP requests.

Ashwin M

Did as you suggested I get nothing below the Connection Timeline with a bunch of red triangles on it. Tried several different clients. 

Hi Usd402_wireless,

Please click the Red triangle or try expanding it. If still does not work, please create a support case to check on this.

Ashwin M