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Bridge AP 2nd Ethernet port to WLAN

New Contributor II

Hi, I am ruining a vSZ-H cluster with vDP`s and would like to know if it is possible to bridge the 2nd Ethernet port on the AP to a WLAN which is set to transport traffic via a GRE tunnel.

So all wired traffic would be passed across the tunnel.



Contributor II
Hi, happy to hear you hace chosen the vSZ-H with vSZ-D. This is a great and flexible solution, no matter the size. You can surely do this. I am not sure which version of code you are running this in, so i will give you general directions on how to do it.

If you navigate to services and profiles under any version past 3.2.1, you will find a location that says Ethernet ports, in 3.5, this is under system > tunnels and ports. You can great one and make it an access port, place the VLAN for the WLAN service you want to have this traffic bridged to, then check the box that says tunnel.

You can then go to the AP group or AP directly where you want this applied and overwrite the zone settings for the port in question. Be careful not to apply this to the PoE port as it would lock you out.

Once apply, traffic on this port would be tunneled on same VLAN as wireless traffic.

Hope this helps.

New Contributor II
Thanks Dionis. 

Hi Simantsg : I  would be very interested to discuss more about your deployment with vSZ-H and vSZ-D. Would you please drop me an email to