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Backup site for vSZ-H

New Contributor III
We have a vSZ-H running at one of Private data centers.We are planning to install another one at a different location as a backup for the existing one.So I have few questions regarding the deployment.
-Do we need additional licenses?
-Do we need to take anything in consideration before deployment or do we deploy it as the previous one and configure it as a slave/backup later?
-What are the requirements for WAN as they would be on different locations and hence different subnet?

Esteemed Contributor II
Your second vSZ-H only needs RTU and Support, not additional AP license.
They both recognize and backup each other, no master/slave config necessary.
Define a new AP zone for the different locations with different subnet WLANs.
(these are replicated on both vSZs)

New Contributor III
Now that we are deploying it as per the guide,we followed each and every steps stated in the guide but the GUI is unreachable from Management interface IP:8443 of vSZ we can only SSH it from Control IP.Is there anything we might have missed ? It is configured using three interfaces and for the time being all three IPs are in same subnet.Any suggestions are welcome.