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multiple management interfaces on the SZ100

New Contributor II
I have an SP customer who wants to provide a managed service to their customers using the SZ100 platform.
They require a separate management address for their own use to manage the SZ100 remotely.
Scenario: network for AP control and management using their clients' internal network network for access from outside the clients network for remote management

I tried configuring a user defined interface on, but it does not work. The user defined interfaces do not accept gateway addresses. Is there a solution for this?

Esteemed Contributor II
I think you need to configure the site FW to port forward the desired external IP to the SZ100's 10.1.1.x IP address.
Note, their 172.16.x.x is RFC-1918 non-routable so it must traverse the SP backbone.

Valued Contributor
No. it's impossible.

I tried that you need, but user defined interface does not support to management interface.