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Announcement: Ruckus SmartCell Insight (SCI) 2.0 GA Release is now Available

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Ruckus SmartCell Insight (SCI) 2.0 GA Release is now available.

SCI 2.0 provides many new features and functions that improve Analytics and Reporting functions.
A 90-day trial license provides access to full features, and SCI 2.0 works with both ZD 9.7+ and SZ 2.5+.

Migration instructions and Support assistance are available to SCI 1.x customers.

SCI 2.0 incorporates our new licensing mechanism, and SCI 1.x will go End of Sale by end of August.

Support portal URLs for Documents and a Link to firmware image are available here:

SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 2.0 Release Notes:

SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 1.x to 2.x Migration Notice:

SmartCell Insight (SCI) Version 2.0 (GA) Software Release


Main Features

 - Redesigned UX

  - Standard Reports with multiple sections in each report

    • Network
    • WLANs
    • Clients

 - Applications Visibility (requires vSZ3.4)

 - Airtime Utilization

 - Sophisticated filtering to get the data efficiently

 - Hierarchical Filtering at global and per report level

 - Local Filtering applicable to a specific section within each report

 - Exporting Reports in .pdf and .csv formats

 - Enhanced data explorer (aka Custom reports)

 - Scale out (Cluster) Architecture to horizontally scale and expand

 - Support for single node and multi-node architecture

 - North bound API for reports and configurations.

 - VM form factor as well as support for SCI on AWS

 - Pre-installed 90-days unlimited AP trial license.

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When will the installation guide for SCI 2.0 be posted?

Contributor II
FYI - the documentation for SCI 2.0 is incomplete. At the moment there is no way to assign an IP address to a fresh install of SCI. Normally after installing any ova you are directed to login at the command line of the vm, run some type of setup routine to set network parameters like IP address, and then off to a web browser to do the rest of the work. This is exactly how vSZ is installed.

There are no such directions in the install guide for SCI 2.0. At the command line I cannot login at all. This VM lives in my sever vlan (along with my 45 other windows/linux servers) and there is no a DHCP scope setup for this vlan. Servers never get IP addresses assigned via DHCP, they always get static addresses. I opened a case with support and they are looking into it

Hi David,

Yes, you are right. Right now, SCI 2.0 doesn't allow for manual IP address assignment right now and it expects an IP assignment from a DHCP.

However, we will be having a release very soon that will allow you to manually assign IP addresses and the documentation will be updated accordingly.

So stay tune.

See Ho