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Alarm notification 3.5.1

New Contributor II
I recently upgraded our vSZ from 3.4 to 3.5.1.
I have read the release notes and "whats new" documents but i cant seem to find any information about this issue.
We use e-mail notfication for our major alarms, like AP dissconect etc. When we ran 3.4 we only recieved 1 e-mail about an AP going offline. This morning we had recieved multiple mails for 3 different AP:s we have in a customer warehouse. They have had power issues during the night and morning so we had 17 e-mail notifications.
I susspect that they might have turned the power on to have it fail after a little while every time. And each time the power died it triggered a new e-mail notification for each AP. I have not been able to verify this with the customer tho. I just wanted to make sure that the 3.5.1 release still only send 1 mail each time an event triggers, like it was in 3.4. 

All answers are apreciated. Thank you.