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Admin login details - not working via WebGUI, but works fine via SSH. Thoughts?

New Contributor III
Unable to login to SZ100 using admin login credentials. 

New Contributor II
Could be this issue:
I recently ran into this trying to log in into a factory defaulted AP.

Contributor III
If the problem is with an additional admin account that you created after setup was complete, the issue could be that the account does not have an assigned role.  Provided that the super admin account that you created during the setup wizard still works, login and go to:
Admins and Roles
If needed, click the 2nd tab "Administrators" and create the new account (name, password, etc)
Next click the 1st tab "Create User Group"
Give the group a name (eg SZ Admins)
Assign the permission level (AP Admin, GuestPass Admin, Network Admin, Super Admin, etc...)
Assign the Resources that the group will have access to (SZ, APs, other admin accounts, etc)
Assign the new account that you created earlier to the group

The above is for newer versions (maybe 3.4 and later I think...).  If you're running an older version of SZ code (maybe 3.2 or earlier), the process is a little different.

New Contributor III
Hi David,

This is what seems to have happened, but i'm unable to login with the Super Admin details. a 2nd Admin account was created with read only rights. since then i've been told the Super Admin doesn't work. Is there away to delete the 2nd account via cli?

Esteemed Contributor II
I've got it!  I filed ER-6965 with our Eng/QA team.  You can have special characters at the end of your Admin password, when you upgrade from SZ 5.0 to SZ 5.1 and it will still work.

If you change you password to have special characters at the end, after upgrading to SZ 5.1, WebUI will be broken, SSH still works.

Please change your Admin pw to NOT end in a special character (from SSH session), until this bug is fixed.


   Eng/QA have produced an engineering patch (.KSP) file to fix this issue.  Please open a ticket and ask the TSE to provide the .KSP from ER-6965.

This must be applied to each cluster node, and services restarted for it to take effect, but then test special character ending Admin passwords, and

let your TSE know so they can report back.