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AP upgrade path broken -> Former AP Patch upload for specific patching?

New Contributor II
after I upgraded my virtual smartzone, I've seen that some APs stayed in 3.2 (don't ask me why, I dunno). How can I upload a 3.5 AP Patch in smartzone 5.0 in order to create AP upgrade chain? (3.2->3.5->3.6->5)
As this, I would be able to put the 3.5 firmware in a "Maintenance" AP Group and upgrade them respecting the upgrade path..



RUCKUS Team Member

APs in 3.2 are using an Unsigned image, which is not directly upgradable to 5.0 (Fully signed image). You need to pass through an intermediate version, in this case with a controller in 5.0 there is no support for an intermediate signed image (3.4 or 3.5).
So you would need to install a standalone image as an intermediate step, and then these APs can connect to the controller in 5.0 (or another controller in 3.4/3.5). 
You can find more details about image differences and workaround in


RUCKUS Team Member
Hi Patrick,

The reason for that is in earlier versions than 3.5, AP firmware version automatically used to change with the vSZ/SZ upgrade. However, the concept of Multi-Zone was introduced in 3.5 and above, which slightly changed the upgrade workflow where the system and the AP zones upgraded independently.

For this you may have to restore to the original 3.2 cluster backup and then upgrade to the following path -->> --> --> 5.x

NOTE : If you have AP zones that are using 3.2.x and the AP models that belong to these zones support AP firmware 3.4 (and later), change the AP firmware of these zones to 3.4 (or later) to force these APs to upgrade their firmware. After you verify that all of the APs have been upgraded to AP firmware 3.4 (or later), proceed with upgrading the controller software to release 3.6.x and Later.

We strongly recommend to check the Release Notes of each version on supported path and supported AP platforms before you proceed with upgrade.


New Contributor II
José, Ankush, thanks for informations but I knew that.... I was just stupid not checking AP eachother with firmware numbers... Some AP were in stock, not being powered for 1 year or 2.  and upgrade of the cluster was made 6 months ago at least.

There is no possibility to ask Smartzone to add the 3.5 patch file? It would be an easy and effortless way 😄

The other way is to do them with a manual firmware flash, but this sucks time and energy ^^; (I did two this way and it takes a piece of afternoon)

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Patrick,

I am afraid that this option is not possible: SZ 5.0 controller doesn't support zones in 3.5, but only in 3.6 and 5.0.
An alternative could be to install a vSZ in your lab with 3.5 for example and join these APs to it: They would upgrade to 3.5 firmware and from there you should be able to connect them to your SZ5.0 controller.